Atosa Catering Equipment

Atosa is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration.

Building a global manufacturing powerhouse

Atosa UK is a sterling example of a local business with global ambitions.

Specialising in commercial refrigeration, Atosa UK has expanded its operations across Europe, necessitating a robust and seamless IT infrastructure.

Since 2016, we have had the pleasure of working with Atosa Catering Equipment, known for its expertise in commercial refrigeration, The business has grown across Europe. This expansion has made it crucial for them to have a strong and efficient IT infrastructure

We have been working with 3RS IT Solutions for several years now, and their service has been nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, they have managed our IT needs across multiple offices, including the UK, Italy, France, and Germany, ensuring seamless operations and communication between locations.

When they initially came on board, they significantly reduced our IT expenses. Their expertise and proactive approach have been outstanding in maintaining our systems and preventing potential issues and we couldn't be more satisfied with their performance.

We highly recommend their services to any organisation looking for IT support.

Amita Patel - Finance Manager

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The challenge
Atosa UK faced

Back in 2016, when they joined forces with us, they were at a stage where their manufacturing operations were on a smaller scale.

Recognising the potential for significant growth, especially within the European market, they understood the necessity of establishing a solid IT foundation.

This was pivotal to support their ambitious plans for expansion and to streamline their increasingly complex operations across Europe. Our collaboration aimed at building this crucial infrastructure, setting the stage for their remarkable journey of growth.

Outcome & Result

When we teamed up with Atosa back in 2016, our mission was pretty clear: to beef up their tech game. We took the reins of their IT Support, made sure their Office 365 was running smoothly, kept their backups safe, and got their VoIP systems up to speed.

But we didn’t stop there. We knew they were playing on a bigger field—across France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. So, we set them up with a central email and storage system that worked like a charm for all these places. We also gave their UK office’s tech setup a major boost, making everything run smoother and faster.

The coolest part? All these changes helped them save over £1,000 every month. It's been awesome to see how the right tech and a bit of teamwork can make such a big difference.